Summer is coming

How do you think a summer style bag will look? Well for starters, we are referring to colors! Personally I think bright colors are perfect for every season, but just give that extra pop in the summer. How amazing is it to wear a yelllow or pink leather handbag out on the street and in the sun.  In order for you to have a head start to summer, we will highlight some of our favourite bags, which are summer ready.

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Leather or not to leather

You might ask yourself the question why you should buy a leather bag instead of a non-leather bag. Well, we might be of support in your decision making, highlighting the pros and cons of leather products. Cons Let us start with the aspects of leather products which can cause some doubt. PricingI think it is a general believe that leather products are usual more expensive than non-leather ones. However is this actually the case? It is surprising to see that non-leather bags are not per se cheaper than leather bags. Let's take the TL BAG - Saffiano leather tote bag as an example. This bag is made by Tuscany Leather and costs at the time of writing this blogpost 112,24 EUR. Of course it...

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Tuscany Leather - handmade Italian leather products

We are happy to announce DILUSSOBAGS is an official reseller of Tuscany Leather. Tuscany Leather produces a variety of high quality leather products, such as bags for women, men and business purposes.In cooperation with Tuscany Leather we can provide  you with the best leather products for an affordable price.

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