Leather or not to leather

You might ask yourself the question why you should buy a leather bag instead of a non-leather bag. Well, we might be of support in your decision making, highlighting the pros and cons of leather products. 

Let us start with the aspects of leather products which can cause some doubt. 

I think it is a general believe that leather products are usual more expensive than non-leather ones. However is this actually the case? It is surprising to see that non-leather bags are not per se cheaper than leather bags. Let's take the TL BAG - Saffiano leather tote bag as an example. This bag is made by Tuscany Leather and costs at the time of writing this blogpost 112,24 EUR. Of course it is very dependent on what somebody wants and is willing to invest in. The Saffiano Leather Tote Bag is a very nice bag which provides you with sufficient space and will do for a long time. This brings me to the next point:

Leather care
It is well known that leather usually does not like being in contact with water or any other kind of liquid. In order to prevent staining as a result of liquid on the bag, we advise you to take good care of your leather product. With the Super Protector waterstop you can add a layer of protection on your leather bag, making it more durable against water. 

There are many reasons to choose a leather bag. How about durability and beauty?

It is well known that leather products can be of high quality and therefor will last a while. I used the word ‘van’ since there can be leather products which are made of bad quality. However fear not, at DILUSSOBAGS we only provide you with top notch leather products for you to enjoy a long time! Of course treating your leather with the products mentioned earlier, will significantly improve the durability of your leather bag. The most complete option for this is the Leather care products complete set

Leather products are beautiful, no doubt about it. You have leather bags with a variety of structures, so there always is a bag you like. Especially the full grain leather bags and wallets are products which you will definitely like even more over the time. This specific leather is very strong and wear & tear will not affect the look, but improve it.  

In a future blogpost I will pay more attention to the different types of leathers used for the products. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you are in love with the idea of having a leather bag of any kind.