Summer is coming

Don't you get excited when the weather starts to improve and the temperature is rising? We certainly are!

Summer style bags

How do you think a summer style bag will look? Well for starters, we are referring to colors! Personally I think bright colors are perfect for every season, but just give that extra pop in the summer. How amazing is it to wear a yelllow or pink leather handbag out on the street and in the sun. 

In order for you to have a head start to summer, we will highlight some of our favourite bags, which are summer ready.

Tuscany Leather Brigid - leather handbag

One of Tuscany Leather's newest products is the Brigid, a leather handbag made available in several beautiful colors. 

Take the ballet pink variant of the Brigid. Is this leather handbag not a perfect fit for the summer? Or would you prefer the yellow variant? Both are quite the eyecatchers.

Tuscany Leather Brigid - leather handbag - ballet pinkTuscany Leather Brigid - leather handbag - yellow

Tuscany Leather - Vittoria leather bag

Ofcourse we have more than only handbags. Take a look at this beautiful leather bag, which can be used both as shoulder bag and handbag. This bag is available in a beautiful white and blue color, however make sure to get one now, since this bag is going fast!

Ofcourse we have lots of bags which are especially suitable for the summer, but it would not be possible to mention each and every bag. 

We'd love for you to come accross the bag you love.